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Whether you have a phobia, an eating disorder, suffer from panic attacks or quite simply just can’t sleep, let us help you get your life back in balance, so you can feel confident, calm and in control.

Our team are fully qualified clinical hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, counsellors, CBT specialists – all experts in their specific field.

Some questions to consider for yourself or a loved one…

• Do you suffer from a lack of sleep, or a disturbed night?

• Do you feel agitated or stressed out about something?

• Is there anything getting you down, and playing on your mind?

• Are you a nail-biter?

• Do parts of your life feel like a struggle?

• Is your self-doubt stopping you?

• Does your child/partner have trouble sleeping?

• Are you trying unsuccessfully for a baby?

• Does your lack of confidence get in your way?

• Do you have a phobia?

• Have you had a shock or trauma which you're finding difficult to handle?