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About Clinical Hypnosis

Every time you have a negative thought, it creates anxiety and stress which is then accumulated and stored in the body and mind. When you have a high amount of stress, you begin to operate in the emotional part of your brain, the part of the brain where thought processes are most often based on irrational assessments of any situation. This creates a vicious cycle of more stress and more anxiety, leading to feelings of low confidence, self-doubt, fears and lack of control.

Clinical hypnosis is a proven way of creating positive and enduring change in our lives. It is solution-focused, straight forward and client-led. It helps you to overcome your issues and limiting self-beliefs, to create a brighter and more positive future.

At LWA we use a modern approach to hypnosis which combines clinically proven therapeutic techniques, using a deep state relaxation (trance), to help people make significant positive changes in their lives, usually within a short space of time. We use a simple process which can turn your life round in as little as 6 weeks. Even with significant trauma or post-traumatic stress, in a short space of time change can happen. We work with families, children, business owners, individuals and couples.

In the UK, a clinical hypnotherapist is a licensed clinician who can use the practice to treat a range of medical and psychological conditions. LWA’s professionals who practice clinical hypnotherapy are registered with a professional body and are regulated by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).