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Exams, social media pressures, bullying, questioning their sexuality, eating disorders, physical, sexual and mental abuse, family problems, such as divorce… the list could go on and on. Teenagers today are dealing with more day to day stress and anxiety than they ever have before and they are struggling to process and cope with everything. Help is not always readily available at home or in schools. If it is, many teenagers will stay quiet out of an irrational fear of the consequences of opening up, and the stigma attached to being singled out by their friends.

As well as offering training for teachers and students <<LINK to page>>, we also specialise in supporting teenagers who are suffering with mental health issues and concerns, helping them to maintain strong emotional resilience to life’s many challenges. We want to apply our techniques to teenagers and show how effective they can be in treating this group of sufferers.


We deliver formal and informal training programmes and awareness initiatives for businesses, schools, colleges, charities and networking groups. These can be public speaking events, training for teachers, stress and mental health resilience for the corporate world, or even mindfulness exercises for students. Our aim is to raise awareness, prevent mental health problems, and allow people to recognise they might need help.

Raising awareness of mental health and well being, the causes and alternative treatments for stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD, stopping something before it can start, are all central to what Purple Octopus team members do.


Corporate responsibility is high on many business’s agendas as the cost of losing staff to time off for mental health issues rises. The key to reducing those costs is prevention.  COVID-19 has severely impacted business, how we operate our businesses and our staff and colleagues.  We face uncertain times ahead and unknown challenges, alongside health implications. 

Our training programmes can support businesses in recovery, in flux or those in need of additional and professional support.

We have created programmes that can be delivered over a full day, half day, or in one-hour bursts, tailored to meet the needs of your business. All programmes have the aim of reducing stress levels in your team and providing skills which can be used daily by staff to understand their own mental health and those of their colleagues.. Our sessions can be delivered as a one-off event, or you can choose to have a programme of work delivered to your teams over an ongoing period.

To provide a flavour of what the programmes entail, we have created a couple of general presentations, including:

• The Science of Happiness – Is happiness a science, or a feeling?

• Mirror, Signal, Mood – what happens to us when we smile and can a smile really change how we feel?

To find out what suits your business needs, contact us to see how we can work together to build healthy and happy staff teams.


Teachers are a highly-stressed group of professionals, but more and more we hear about the stress children and teenagers are under to do well at school. This is something that teachers are having to deal with on top of their own pressures. Recognising the signs of their own stress and learning how to manage it is vital, but they also need to understand how to recognise it in their pupils and how they can help prevent it.

Our programmes offer this support. They are tailored for the right age groups and can be delivered either as standalone programmes for pupils and teachers separately, or together as larger group.

Get in touch to find out more about the options available.