Mental health training programmes for education

Purple Octopus Management’s therapists deliver a range of formal and informal trauma, PTSD and mental health training programmes and awareness initiatives for businesses, schools, colleges, charities and networking groups. 

These range from speaking at public events (in person or virtually), delivering stress and mental health resilience training for teachers and students, and mindfulness exercises. 

Teachers have long been recognised to be a highly-stressed group of professionals, but we hear more and more about the stress children and teenagers are under to do well at school. This is something that teachers have to deal with on top of their own pressures. 

The current pandemic has only added to the stress levels of teachers and students, concerned about falling behind due to lockdown and about the safety of the school environment. 

Recognising the signs of their own stress and learning how to manage it is vital for teachers, but they also need to understand how to recognise it in their students, and how they can help prevent it.

Our programmes offer this support. They are tailored for the right age groups and can be delivered either as standalone programmes for pupils and teachers separately, or together as a larger group.

Our aim is to raise awareness, prevent mental health problems, and allow people to recognise when they might need help.

Raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing, the causes and alternative treatments for stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD, stopping something before it can start, are all central to Purple Octopus Management’s work.

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