Gaslighting trauma recovery specialists

Purple Octopus Management has specialist therapists in helping clients recover from gaslighting trauma. 

What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse that has been highly publicised in recent years. The term gaslighting is used to describe any interaction where a person or entity manipulates someone into believing that they cannot trust their own memories, feelings, or senses.

A person subject to gaslighting may begin to believe that they are not mentally well, that their memories are not accurate, or that their mind is playing tricks on them. This can then make them feel dependent on the abusive person.

In abusive relationships gaslighting often develops gradually, so may not initially appear abusive. Common gaslighting tactics include:

  • Countering: questioning someone’s memory of events, even though they have remembered them correctly.
  • Withholding: someone who pretends not to understand something, or who refuses to listen.
  • Forgetting: an abusive person pretending they have forgotten something, or denying that an event happened.
  • Trivialising: an abusive person making someone’s concerns or feelings seem unimportant or irrational.
  • Diverting: an abusive person changes the subject, or focuses on the credibility of what someone is saying rather than the content. Also called “blocking.”

Although commonly understood as occurring within intimate relationships, there are other types of Gaslighting. Racial gaslighting is the term applied when a person or entity portrays people who speak out against racial oppression as irrational, crazy, or deluded.

This might include: 

  • criticising how a person expresses themselves to distract attention from their message
  • trivialising racist incidents
  • denying that documented events took place, (eg Holocaust denial)

A recent immigrant to a new country may be unfamiliar with its laws, language, and culture. This makes is easier for a someone to lie to them about their legal rights and what is normal, for example when an employer tells them that they have no right to complain about their working conditions, or threatening them about the immigration authorities.

How we can help

Purple Octopus Management’s specialist trauma therapists deliver tailored programmes of therapy to sufferers of gaslighting trauma. 

Our psychotherapeutic programmes enable, empower and educate clients to develop a true understanding of their emotional and physical reactions to gaslighting and to take steps to relieve trauma-related symptoms and challenges.

We bring together elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, mindfulness practice, positive psychology, clinical hypnosis and neuroscience to form an approach which works extremely well regardless of age or presenting challenges. 

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