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We believe that there is always a solution to trauma.

PTSD Specialists and Trauma Release Therapists

Purple Octopus Management provides support and therapy for sufferers of severe trauma, post-traumatic stress and PTSD. Through individual and group programmes of treatment and support for children, young people and adults who have experienced deep-rooted trauma, we enable them to face their fears and break down the barriers to making significant and positive changes to their lives.

Our team of clinical psychotherapists has decades of experience, and a track record that proves that trauma and learned responses to trauma are not a life sentence, and that, for many people, full recovery is not just a hope but a reality.


Virtual or in-person intensive 1:1 sessions. We take a solution-focussed approach, designed to help clients develop self-awareness and connect their emotions with their physical symptoms. Our approach helps create an internal toolkit for life, so our clients know how to keep themselves happy and secure, and achieve their full potential.


Our therapists create practical and creative ways of sharing knowledge, helping group participants to develop an understanding of trauma, dissociation and grounding techniques, and acquire a toolkit for building their social, emotional and mental health well-being.


Our programmes bring together varied elements of therapeutic approaches, along with clinical hypnosis and mindfulness practice. Our bespoke approach to creating programmes is ideal for family groups needing support to recover and move on from trauma, as it works well for any age or presenting challenges.

We have over 25 years of supporting and working alongside the Armed Forces, NHS England, and Emergency Services